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Free Mass Transfer Operations books

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Mass Transfer Operations books


This section contains free e-books and guides on Mass Transfer Operations, which can be viewed online or downloadable in pdf, chm, rar or zip.

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Tranport Phenomena

Separation Processes
Notes on Mass Transfer (PDF 75P)
Mass Transfer Processes (PDF 36P)
Partial Differential Equations and MongeKantorovich Mass Transfer (PDF 59P)
Gas Liquid Mass Transfer in atmospheric Leaching of Sulphidic zinc concentrates (PDF 149P)
Mass Diffusion (PDF 21P)
Introduction to Heat amp; Mass Transfer (PDF 44P)
Gas Liquid Interfacial Mass Transfer in Trickle Bed Reactors at Elevated Pressures (PDF 16P)
Role of Viscosity in Phenomena of Mass Transfer Nonlinear Periodic Waves Propagating Over the Liquid Surface (PDF 21P)
Mass Transfer Between Clusters Under Ostwalds Ripening (PDF 47P)
Virtual mass transfer lab
Mass Transfer notes (PDF 64P)
Convective Heat and Mass Transfer
Heat and Mass Transfer from an Inverted Cone in a Porous Medium with Cross Diffusion Effects (PDF 27P)
Macroscopic Gas Liquid Interfacial Equation (PDF 23P)
Heat and Mass Transfer (PDF 22P)
Heat and Mass Transfer (PDF 37P)
Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (PDF 20P)
Heat and Mass transfer fundamentals (PDF 20P)
Heat and Mass transfer modeling in wellbore during Steam Injection Process (PDF 31P)
Mass Transfer Coefficients in cross flow ultra filtration (PDF 27P)
Diffusion in concentrated solutions (PDF 16P)
The effect of diffusivity on gas liquid mass transfer (PDF 17P)
Communications Between Cells and Environment Transport across Membranenbsp; (PDF 15P)
Diffusion in a Semi infinite Slab (PDF 26P)
Lecture Notes on Mass Transfer
Mass Transfer and Diffusion


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